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Welcome to AOG, your esteemed partner for tailored financial solutions based in London catering to small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and internationally, as well as high-net-worth individuals. Distance is no obstacle for us.

We strive to work closely with our clients, guiding them towards success, facilitating business development, strategizing effective exit plans, safeguarding assets, mitigating risks, enabling wealth distribution, supporting new business initiatives, ensuring compliance with tax and accounting regulations, and maximizing tax efficiencies.


What We Offer

Discover our comprehensive suite of services, designed to provide you with financial clarity and peace of mind. As your trusted advisor, we extend beyond mere number-crunching, offering expertise that transcends traditional accounting practices. Whether it involves restructuring for multiple companies, ensuring tax and accounting compliance for a business, or assisting individuals with wealth distribution, our team of professionals is committed to delivering bespoke and strategic support.


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Forward Thinking

Why our clients recommend us

"We have been with AOG for 30 years, and we recommend them due to their consistent reliability, trustworthiness, and the impactful results they've delivered for us in the past. Their track record speaks volumes about their competence and dedication."

E.D. – West End Properties

"I have been a client of AOG since the beginning of my career! Over the years they have been accountants for 10+ companies that I started, sold, and was involved with. I can only recommend them very, very, highly. They are now friends, more than they are my accountants. Well done AOG team, I only wish you the best!"

F.G. – Property Project

"I would like to thank AOG for their advisory during our takeover and dealing with due diligence queries promptly. Their involvement was key to realizing additional value."

D.M. – International Digital Businesses

"I have been a long-standing client of AOG. I truly appreciate all the years of service they have given me. They have helped me through my business expansion through thick and thin and have been there to help find solutions to all the problems I have encountered on the way. Thank you very much AOG."

A.Y. – Fashion Manufacturers and Wholesalers

"I was worried about tax liabilities and penalties arising from a HMRC tax investigation into my company. I was pleased that AOG dealt with the complexities and finalised the investigation with HMRC without any additional tax liability arising. I am also glad that we took out tax insurance cover."

C.T. - Property Portfolios

"AOG have been an incredible to help to me over the past 2 years. Firstly, in helping me with Tax returns for an Agricultural trust that I had absolutely no experience or understanding of, after my father’s death. They guided me through a very stressful situation and were happy to take the time to explain anything I didn’t understand with exceptional knowledge, patience, and kindness. Since then, AOG has done substantial work in investigating and in depth reporting on the options we have to break the trust, giving us the ability to make critical decisions and guiding us at each stage. This has been a very difficult stage in my life with a huge amount of worry & uncertainty but AOG have supported me with not only a highly professional service but one with care & compassion for a clients individual needs."

V.N. – Farming and Woodlands Trusts

"The advice received from AOG proved to be invaluable, particularly in the splitting of our property companies amongst family members. I am glad to have selected AOG for such a crucial task"

S.N. – Property Portfolio

"The AOG team are very friendly and easy to deal with and on hand with expert guidance. They were instrumental in the formation of our group tax structure and also during our merger/acquisition process"

S.S. - Receivers

"I am writing to thank AOG for the great work they have been doing for us. After all these years we have been working together, I am pleased to say that AOG’s advise has been invaluable. The fact that you were there whenever we needed them has also been catalytic to our success. We have had advice well in advance which helped us comply with the law and have peace of mind. Also, I just wanted to say an extra thank you for AOG’s support throughout the pandemic.
I look forward to many more years of co-operation.

A.M. – Hotelier

"Moving to the UK in 2020 presented significant financial and tax planning challenges for me. The expertise of AOG was invaluable. They advised me on structuring my accounts for the move, clearly explained the remittance basis tax regime, and provided tailored advice on taxes related to stock-based compensation and RSUs. Their guidance made a complex process manageable, and I highly recommend their services for anyone facing cross-border financial issues"

D.M. – Artificial Intelligence

"AOG has been a lifesaver when it came to my business. They resolved my accounting problems and sorted all the problems left by my previous accountant. They handle my books, VAT, year-end, and taxes, always on time; they have never been late. They have helped me through any queries I've had. I've had an account with them for over 5 years and am completely satisfied with their professionalism. I would highly recommend AOG"

D.V. - Recruitment of Executives

"AOG have taken care of all my tax requirements for almost thirty years. Through all the ups and downs of a wide range of business ventures, I have always had the peace of mind knowing that my financial affairs were being handled in the best possible way, by the best firm and team of people. AOG manage to combine consummate professionalism, skill, experience, and knowledge with an ever-friendly and approachable client-facing service philosophy. This has proved to be a winning business formula for both the firm and their many clients"

G.G. – Digital Start Up

"Over the course of a number of years AOG have provided to us and our businesses with excellent accounting and taxation advice with extreme patience and answering my queries very quickly and clearly. They have always been knowledgeable, reliable, proactive and very professional in their service. As the businesses have grown and evolved, the advice we have received from AOG has been, and continues to be, particularly important."

C.C. - Valuers

"AOG have been attentive to the needs of our family run business for over 15 years. We are always grateful for the sound advice and understanding of our specific needs, be it tax advice, payroll and many other services. We have no hesitation in recommending this well-established firm."

E.P. - West End Wedding Planners

"I am grateful for AOG's guidance in creating a tax-efficient structure for our property development project and cladding businesses. Their expertise in advising on VAT on new builds was incredible."

C.P. – Cladding and Property Development

"I chose AOG based on a recommendation. AOG's vast knowledge and supportive guidance in structuring my first company have been outstanding. Their financial expertise is unparalleled."

M.D. – Property Agent Start Up

"AOG's competence and knowledge have been crucial for our business and dealing with various challenges including tax investigations we faced. Their support is highly recommended"

A.G. – Ingredients Manufacturers and Wholesalers

"I have used the services of AOG for a number of years now. AOG have provided our business with excellent accounting and taxation advice. They have always been knowledgeable, reliable and proactive in their service. I would have no hesitation in recommending AOG based on the five-star service we have received."

J.F. – Electricians